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Herzlich Willkommen auf der Website der Stadt Schweinfurt!


Herzlich Willkommen auf der Website der Stadt Schweinfurt!

The doors are always open and the table is set for a great meal!

Take the time to explore the surrounding area. The Franconian wine country is a revelation for lovers of a good drop of wine.

Whether at a wine tasting directly at the vintner's cellar, in cozy wine bars or at cheerful wine festivals – there are so many good opportunities to enjoy a glass of Franconian in pleasant surroundings. Our region is also a real gourmet country. The treasures coming from our kitchens and cellars please even the most discriminating palates.

Bismarckhöhe Schweinfurt 360° F. Trykowski (34)
Photo source: Schweinfurt 360°; F. Trykowski

The dry white wines from Franconia are served either in a Bocksbeutel (a short-necked, big-bodied wine bottle common in Franconia) or the now more common liter bottles. With a simple Haecker snack (various hearty cold cuts and cheeses served with wood oven baked breads and condiments) or with Meefischle (a special fish found in the Main river) or an elegant Franconian meal, you will enjoy the striking bouquet of Franconian wines. The most popular wines are the mellow Müller-Thurgau, the distinctive dry Silvaner or the tasty Riesling.

Grape Harvest; Photo: F. Trykowski
Photo source: Schweinfurt360°; F. Trykowski

Among the reds you will find the hearty Spätburgunder (late burgundy) and the full-bodied, rich Domina. Enjoy!

However, not only wine lovers are on cloud nine here.

A tour through Franconia along the Main River with its beautiful old castles, rolling vineyard and cozy villages, is relaxing and enjoyable for body and mind. It is a short drive away by bicycle or car.

The countryside between the Spessart, Rhon and Steigerwald mountains with its natural beauty, mystical castles and quaint villages have the flavour of Italy's Tuscany with a soothing Franconian accent.

Wine and Gourmet Country; Photo: F. Trykowski
Photo source: Schweinfurt360°; F. Trykowski

Biking is a favored way to get around, with secure biking paths throughout. Hiking the byways and back roads of our countryside is fun, you can reach your departure point via convenient regional trains (they are fun to ride and very economical given today's gasoline prices) and your itinerary can be a few miles or a daylong excursion, to end at another train station to take you back to your home or hotel.

Whether a short drive, a weekend trip or a relaxing vacation, you will feel at home at once.


For more information on local destinations, country inns, events and festivals, biking and hiking trails and much more, look at our PDF-Brochure So much to discoverexterner Link at the bottom of the web page, drop us an e-mail at or visit our website Schweinfurt360°externer Link.

We will provide you with all the information to make your stay with us most enjoyable.


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