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We welcome you to the City of Schweinfurt!

The City of Schweinfurt is a strategic location in the new industrial revolution! Here we apply the knowledge-based information technologies of today to our traditional manufacturing excellence.

Known for innovative technology and solution-based performance, Schweinfurt also is a dynamic community with one of the best business climates in Europe. A center for advanced manufacturing, we provide a superior technology platform for large-, mid- and small-size US companies who wish to expand in Europe.

We not only work hard to attract new companies to Schweinfurt, but we also make sure that once you are here, you have reliable resources for all your business needs.

Our Customer Assistance Team will assure that your business has access to all the tools and resources Schweinfurt has to offer.

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Our CERTIFIED SITES Program gets you started quickly (more) Did you know that the ball bearing was invented in Schweinfurt by Friedrich Fischer (1849-1899)? We are known for inventions, innovation and quality skills (more) What's in a Name? Schweinfurt or "Pigford" - we are proud of the name, here is why (more) Schweinfurt is located in one of Germany’s most beautiful regions (more)
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